Cade’s Platform

Cade’s Vision for County Attorney

Our criminal justice system was created first and foremost to keep our communities safe.  For the community to stay safe, people must know that if they violate the law, they will face serious consequences.  Plea agreements are not always enough, sometimes trials must take place and criminals need to go to jail.

The criminal justice system was also created to help offenders recover.  Sometimes treatment for mental illness and drug addiction are more appropriate than jail time.  In certain scenarios, requiring offenders to get help, return to work, and holding them accountable through check-ins is the best thing for the individual and the community in which they live.

To achieve these ends, we need law enforcement, judges, social workers and prosecutors that collaborate as a team.  When one player on a team doesn’t pull their weight, the whole team suffers.  If there’s one thing Cade knows, it’s how to be a team player.  McCracken County deserves a county attorney that is accessible, transparent, and hard-working; that is why he is running to be the next County Attorney of McCracken County.

Cade’s Goals as County Attorney

Make our community safer by upholding the rule of law

Releasing criminal offenders without repercussions may seem like the compassionate thing to do, but it is harmful to the offender and dangerous for our community.  It creates the perception that crime doesn’t carry consequences, leading offenders to commit more serious crimes, with life altering effects.

Meaningful sentences let law breakers know that crimes equal punishment.  Some cases must go to trial and jurors will be faced with the responsibility of considering jail sentences.  While every case must be evaluated according to its facts and circumstances, our office will zealously pursue strict penalties for DUIs, child abuse, and animal related offenses.  Meaningful sentences will deter people who make mistakes from becoming criminals and help them rehabilitate.

Assist those suffering from drug addiction

Drug addiction and mental illness has reached epidemic proportions. There is hardly a family in America that has not been impacted by the drug epidemic.  We must be willing to offer a helping hand for the sake of our community’s families and future.

As County Attorney, I would work on multi-disciplinary teams of law enforcement, social workers, and related professionals to make sure those who need help get help.  One way we can do that is by offering plea agreements that require the individual to get treatment, have a job, and conduct check-ins with probation officers.  This will help those suffering heal and become productive members of our community once again.

Work to build a better economy

The county attorney has a role to play in keeping our town economically competitive.  For our County to thrive, our businesses must feel protected, there must be a readily available workforce, and our county government needs sound legal advice.

For our business community to thrive, we need an abundant work force.  I would encourage workforce reentry for non-violent offenders.  To achieve this end, our office would work diligently with people seeking expungement of misdemeanor offenses.  Each case would be reviewed in depth to ensure the person can safely return to the workplace and contribute to our local economy. 

Our county government functions like a large business — made up of many people, departments, and an executive team all working together. We know that for businesses to thrive, they need reliable legal counsel.  Our office would faithfully advise the Fiscal Court and all of McCracken County’s agencies, enabling them to focus on serving McCracken County’s residents.

Accessible leadership

To make our County safer, thrive economically, and to help those in need, we need a county attorney that is accessible, transparent, and has a servant’s heart. Our county government functions like a team, and when one player doesn’t carry their weight, the whole team suffers.  If elected as county attorney, I will be a team player to ensure our county’s success.  I will also be accessible to our residents to help them navigate our local judicial system.


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